LifeCycle of “Wikipedia”

“Wikipedia” arrival initially the name rivals Nintendo’s,but at the starting stage of Wikipedia known as ‘Nupedia’.Due to some drastically slow place of content creation with 12 pages at initial on first years.Later on running the Nupedia ,its had become to tie up with on of the finest website that would editable content that explore the

Machine control by ‘Eye Tribe’

“Eye Tribe” is new upcoming technology which will lead the cloud technology through out the world.By this we can successfully control the machine like computers,tablets,mobile and also over come the defects that would be useful in business needs.For most this technology was started by 16 full time employees to deliver this technology into live. Machine

‘Google Lens’ Google new Innovation I/O 2017

‘Google-Lens’ new innovation out from Google which is launch by Google company CEO Mr.Sundar Pichai,in the month of May 2017.The technology leads to get the unknowns to users very easily by using ‘Google Lens’,more to describe the needs to closure. There are a ton of exciting new technologies on the way in the near future.

how to detect spy cams

HOW TO DETECT SPY CAMS AROUND YOU OR IN DRESSING ROOMS?   Hey Guys! Do you know? So many hidden cams are being installed around you by imbecile people to capture you naked or for any purpose.   Let’s find out how to detect them easily! The usual places where spy cams are being hidden