‘Google Lens’ Google new Innovation I/O 2017

‘Google-Lens’ new innovation out from Google which is launch by Google company CEO Mr.Sundar Pichai,in the month of May 2017.The technology leads to get the unknowns to users very easily by using ‘Google Lens’,more to describe the needs to closure.

There are a ton of exciting new technologies on the way in the near future. These include the likes of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IOT, personal assistants and more

Google Lens Offer more features about the snapshots,once we place camera

Describes the flower
,scan the like flower,hotel,bar code,network code .Its automatically populates what its to do next step and complete successfully what we need.

Google Lens done the work what we manually can’t,its automatically scan the WI-FI details with password and its log,its get the details about hotel like name,rating ,cocking dishes,reviews over it in one action.

Overview with scan
For more updates about the ‘Google Lens’,we can download the application for mobile use which in google store,by coming future ‘Google Lens’ rises automatic human being.

For mobile app-Goto google play store–>Google Lens–>Install.
For YouTube video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWLcyFtni6U

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