Machine control by ‘Eye Tribe’

“Eye Tribe” is new upcoming technology which will lead the cloud technology through out the world.By this we can successfully control the machine like computers,tablets,mobile and also over come the defects that would be useful in business needs.For most this technology was started by 16 full time employees to deliver this technology into live.

Machine control by ‘Eye Tribe’

Actually this technology looking to launch into market soon,but company in double mind to release in the market or not,because ‘Eye Tribe’ functionality like eye lens will collide with camera front lens and interact together,will it work or not ?
“Eye Tribe”technology enable the customers to do experimental enhancements in real life.

Above Pictures shows the behavior of “Eye Tribe”,which will change over the photo which is stored in computer,another one is to controlling the mobile phone with ‘Eye Tribe’ technology. A live demo also done in LeWeb past years ago,but still more actions are taking place into this technology but surely it should be into market very soon by success of all plugins which will help out for ‘Eye Tribe’.

If this technology into the market means, many of the automation will make deal with this technology for not degrade the past software to be live.For more update will be soon catch you all dream that “Eye Tribe” will lead technology .

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