LifeCycle of “Wikipedia”

“Wikipedia” arrival initially the name rivals Nintendo’s,but at the starting stage of Wikipedia known as ‘Nupedia’.Due to some drastically slow place of content creation with 12 pages at initial on first years.Later on running the Nupedia ,its had become to tie up with on of the finest website that would editable content that explore the new things to world.

The main idea that agreed upon the Ward Cunningham WikiWikiWeb -which is one of first user editable website ever.After with combination of WikiWikiWeb and Nupedia become more complex to elaborate and more discussion had gone finally the word “Wikipedia” came beyond all expectation .Ward Cunningham arrived at the name after landing to board the ‘WikiWiki Shuttle’.
Where Wiki is Hawaiian for fast

Hawaiian language the name Wiki is known as ‘Quick’,sententiously wiki wiki means fast as fast,giving the best service to peoples to make service from one terminal to another terminal.The shuttle name inspired by Ward and call his website name as WikiWikiWebsite in 1994.Shuttle stop was name in the airport name as Honolulu International airport ,Hawaii 2001.
By coming the Wikipedia the world website became source for every technology as well as various approaches.It shakes entire Pedia ,that’s why it name as ‘The free Encyclopedia’.

Mainly the author of first wiki also be Howard G ward Cunningham ,American computer programmer,he took website out the boundaries even ward also didn’t expect.At present “Wikipedia” rules the world.

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