How to make money online without any investment in India

How to make money online without any investment in India

It is not easier to believe that one could make money through either providing online services
or promoting products over the internet medium. That is also without any considerable
investment apart from time in India. Such tasks require dedication and honest approach from
the users for effective use. Simply nobody pays for duplication or making vague works.
There are few simple and intricate methods to do so which would describe in detail how to
make money online without any investment.

1. Paid Surveys
A wide number of companies or websites are proving paid surveys for interested individuals.
A paid survey requires an individual to provide his opinion regarding the concerned product.
The paid surveys are basically done for consumer goods such FMCG products, electronic
devices and services related products such policies, schemes etc. A paid survey could be
completed comfortably within an hour at the most.

2. Through downloading Apps and Files
It might sound too good to be true but it is true. Many websites nowadays pays its user for
downloading file of music or movies. The higher the number of downloads the more would
be the income earned. The earning from downloading free files is also dependent upon the
size of the websites. The smart phones Apps are also available for free download with pay.
This simply increases the popularity of the app and adds a competitive edge in the app

3. Online Data Entry Jobs
Online data entry jobs are one of the simplest ways of making money online without any
investment. It requires basic typing skills and knowledge of English and computer. It
basically deals with the conversion of data from one format to another such as from image
file to text file. Like any other online job, it could be from either home or cybercafé.

4. Playing Online Games
The video games companies are always in need of fresh video game tester and gamer for their
inputs in order to improve their game. An individual is required to play the game, go through
its various levels and stages and provide his feedback to the developers. He has to keep
certain directives in his mind while playing the game and feedback should be related to those.
A game tester is paid hourly for his services.

5. Earn Money through Blogging
Blogging as part time for others or for oneself could prove to be a steady source of income
for the individuals. Blogging requires basic understanding of maintaining a website and
writing informative and interesting articles. A blog can be related to any topic ranging from
entertainment, fashion, sports, hobbies to special tutorials.
The few benefits of online job are flexible work durations, no pressure of working regularly,
almost next to nil investment and a valuable part time option.
Meta Description: After reading all these ways, you must not be wondering how to make
money online without any investment, rather than you would be taking positive steps for
earning online.

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