List of Technology Websites to get do-follow links

List of Technology Websites to get do-follow links

Websites related to the technological field are a great source of increasing the web traffic of
any other website through effective use of do-follow links. Technology websites generally
publishes articles in the form of tutorials or manuals for making technology user friendly.
Their articles are proven to diminish the problems related to the technological products and
services in the last few years. As a result of such great work the number of followers, regular
and unique visitors of those websites had increased tenfold. It is an apt place for placing the
do-follow links in order to drive those visitors to another website.

Creating a do-follow link is done in three easier steps,

a) Many website owners employ this tactic to generate their own web traffic by
commenting on those websites and establishing a backlink or a do-follow link.
b) It helps them in achieving higher page rank in the search engines results.
c) Thus improving and enhancing their website’s visibility, presence and traffic along
with tapping potential customers.

Some of the best Technology Websites are as follows:

1. Cnet
Cnet is has succeeded making its place in the  List of Technology Websites to get do-follow
links. It is the world leader in the category of providing technological products reviews,
news, prices, forums, videos, tutorials and many more. Its detailed reports, reviews, exciting
technological news, active forums, easy to understand how-to- do articles are the reasons
behind its popularity and web traffic. To create a do follow link one is to become a member
of its forums and has to actively take participate in those sessions. One should comment on
the product reviews and provide a do-follow link in those comments. But overdoing of such
links would lead to freezing of member account.

2. Techdirt
Techdirt is a blog which is known for sharing reports on technological trends and its
technological business and economic policies. It basically focuses on copyright and patent
reform in the technological field. One could submit one’s own story to share its report with
including a do-follow link for generating web traffic. This is why it is the  List of
Technology Websites to get do-follow links.

3. ReadWrite
ReadWrite is an extremely popular weblog in the field of web technology. It provides Web
Technology related news, reviews and analysis. It also covers the web apps, web technology
trends, social networking trends etc. Thus, it attracts numerous number of visitors interested
in the web technology field to view recent updates and news.

4. Mashable
Mashable have a reputation providing in depth technological news and analysis of various
Web 2.0 startups and its related applications. It also provides for the startup reviews, complex
and comprehensive articles etc. It is one of the mostly visited and read technological news

5. Download Squad
Another technology website that should be given due importance to be in the List of
Technology Websites to get do-follow links, is Download Squad. It is a bit different
kind of website, which is dedicated only at providing latest news and reviews regarding
the various downloadable applications and software of various major players such as
Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile applications. It boasts of a giant team of diverse
technological writers and reviewers, which churn out exclusive articles each time. This
website is known for being highly popular and boasts commendable web traffic.

Meta description: Get familiar with a number of technology websites that can help you
in getting do-follow links. If you truly want to drive traffic to your website then this List
of Technology Websites to get do-follow links can be of great help.

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