Ways to Boost the Internet Speed on your Computer

Ways to Boost the Internet Speed on your Computer

Advantages and necessity of boosting your internet speed
In today’s fast life, internet is one of the primary necessities and it is therefore really
important to have a high speed internet connection since millions of issues and transactions
depend upon it, whether you are at home or at your work place. Having a slow internet
connection and weak speed and signal can become a reason for huge losses and is sometimes
very frustrating and even financially taxing at times. However, there are methods and some
easy ways as to how to boost up your internet speed so that you enjoy a faster web speed
within a few minutes at a much moderate rate.

Ways to boost your internet speed

There are a number of ways to increase the speed of your internet connection and enjoy the
maximum signal and performance on your electronic gadget or device. The following
primary and basic steps can be considered important if you are looking for ways to improve
your internet connection on your web-connected device:

 Checking the hardware of your device and its servicing
 Checking with the network and connectivity
 Cleaning up the browser and removing junk from your operating system
 Up gradation of your device hardware
 Check and alter the Bandwidth Speed

Few simple steps to fix and maximize the speed of your internet connection
Yet, these steps although simple, can become a bit confusing to begin with since they are not
all encompassing and include several sub steps that surely need to be followed in order to get
the desired speed result. The above steps are therefore summed up in total 3 parts for an easy
understanding and execution. Now, these steps are further sub divided into a number of
points which will lead you to your answer on how to boost your internet speed and thus
enjoy Cmuch faster internet connectivity. These 3 basic steps and their sub steps are as

1. The network, hardware and connection checking
 Running a speed test
 Checking and comparing with the results
 Resetting the network accordingly
 Checking the signals whether they are conflicting
 Turning the device modem on and off for proper signal
 Changing the Wi Fi channel
 Checking with your ISP data cap support
 Trying to avoid running multiple programs and devices simultaneously
 Trying using Ethernet in place of Wi Fi

2. Optimizing the device network accordingly, and finally
 Running virus scans every week
 Running adware and malware scans frequently
 Regular updating of your browser
 Removal of any excess toolbars
 Changing the web browser at intervals
 Keeping the hard disk clean
 Closing up all the excess programs
 Uninstalling all unessential bandwidth hogs
 Shutting down the system when not required
 Checking and changing the Bandwidth speed

3. Upgrading the hardware of the device
 Upgrading the system and the router
 Making changes for 100% Bandwidth usage
 Running disk clean up followed by a device restart

Meta Description
Therefore, as an overall comment, it can be safely suggested the above mentioned points are
indeed some of the simplest steps to be followed if you are actually having trouble with your
web connection and are wondering as to how to boost your internet speed as fast as possible.


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