History of a mobile or when the mobile phone is invented

History of a mobile or when the mobile phone is

One revolution change the world destiny for business,education and social media by inventing the mobile phone. As we know the first phone is invented by alexander graham bell. In that period is the great achievement. The phone is in the fixed place if the person want to communicate to the other person the two persons should be present in the phone available place.
To overcome this mobile come in to the market which can serve irrespective the person where they are, we can call them in the world and we can able to communicate. First the phone is invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. He born in 26th December, 1928 in USA Chicago .He is very enthusiastic on communication technologies, He had completed his engineering in Copper Illinois Institute of Technology in the stream of Electronics Engineering. He Joined the American Navy and he started give the service to his country

History of a mobile
History of a mobile or when the mobile phone is invented

He interested in the technologies very specifically he interested on the communications. After the Chicago. After Korean War he left from the navy and joined in the Tele type. 1954 he joined with the Motorola as
employee. In that period Motorola is on the best company doing the researches in the communication technology. He involved lot project in Motorola among them Radio traffic control is one of the well know project. He is the first person invented the New York police traffic control after he is appointed as Motorola research and development wing president. Competition AT&T and Motorola AT&T is one of the well know communication company in USA .In that period it created new vibe in the communication technologies. In 1946 they have started doing the researches in the communication technologies and they invented a mobile which is work specifically in the car and this is not work in other places .So, Motorola thinks they went to invent new mobile which can work any place in the world

Martin started research on the behalf of Motorola and he invented a new phone in 3rd April, 1973.
He given the first call to the competitor AT & T CEO JEOIL, He said I am calling from my new invented phone. Features of the first phone:
Weight of the phone: 1.1 Kgs
If the phone recharge per 10 hrs user can use only half anhour
The first phone is released by Motorola and the mobile
name as DIMA TAC 8000X

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